About Me

Hi, I’m Gillian!

I live near Portland, Oregon with my husband Preston and I can usually be found making art, drinking tea, or petting my fluffy tortoiseshell cat. I love the Pacific Northwest and I enjoy creating art that is cheerful, colorful and happy! In June 2019, I graduated from Linfield College with a B.A. in Mass Communication and a minor in Visual Art and I  am now an artist as well as a Social Media and PR Specialist.

Creating Something New

I believe that creating something new every day can lead to great things. I began to create a new drawing every day while I was studying abroad in Ireland in April 2018 and I have been doing so ever since except for some small breaks. We all need to take a break sometimes, and that’s okay!

When I started posting one watercolor per day on my Instagram account back in 2018, I had no idea that it would lead to my discovery of surface and pattern design. I am so glad that I found something that I absolutely love to do! [/wc_column] [/wc_row]